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CPS follows the Diocesan Curriculum guidelines and objectives, which are based on the Sunshine State Standards.

Grading Scale

100-90 A Passing
89-80 B Passing
79-70 C Passing
69-60 D Passing
Below 60 F Failure

Art, Music, Library Grading Scale for Grades K-5

VG Very Good
S Satisfactory
I Needs Improvement

Honor Roll

In order to be on the Honor Roll, students must receive 90-100 for the "A" Honor Roll and 80-100 for the "A-B" Honor Roll.

Honor Card Program Participant List [PDF]

Where do our graduates go from here?

Students graduating from CPS have a seamless path for their high school education. St. Joseph Academy in Saint Augustine is the oldest Catholic High School in the State of Florida, and offers a 4-year college preparatory curriculum.

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